About Us


Nevaeh’s Wish is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization committed to combating the violence, sexual abuse, and trafficking, of children and women,

We believe that a child deserves to live abuse-free from the moment of conception. 



Our mission is simple

To keep children safe and free of violence – from the moment of conception.

We are a WISH that brings hope.

Eliminate Abuse, Educate Communities, Empower Moms

How We Will Accomplish Our Mission

• Provide confidential support, resources, and services to survivors and families of sexual assault and/or sex trafficking.

• Equip communities, parents, and youth with the resources and information to help keep children safe.

• Provide confidential support and services to teens and women in pregnancy crisis.

• Provide confidential support, resources, and services to moms of newborn babies who may be considering abandonment.

• Be a safe place for any woman who feels her child(ren) may be at risk of violence.